Audio Metering Pro

Audio Metering Pro for Unreal Engine

AudioInsightPro for Unreal Engine

Take your game audio to the next level

Analyze and visualize every aspect of your audio in real time

Audio Metering Pro with multiple submix meters created

Audio Metering

Audio Metering Pro brings you real-time decibel meters, granting precise control and monitoring capabilities over your in-game audio. Keep track of sound levels and maintain perfect audio balance throughout your Unreal Engine project.

Audio Visualization

Immerse yourself in a world of audio with stunning visualization modes. Uncover the intricacies of your game’s soundscapes as you analyze envelopes, frequency spectrums and spectrograms, providing you with a clear and detailed understanding of your audio.

Audio Metering Pro with multichannel configuration, 5.1, with the meters resized

Multichannel Configurations

No audio setup is too complex for Audio Metering Pro. Embrace the power of multichannel audio and gain unparalleled insights into each channel’s metering, ensuring that your audio is finely tuned for an immersive player experience.

Solo and mute your Submixes

Take control of individual submixes effortlessly. Isolate or mute specific audio sources to fine-tune your audio design, ensuring every element blends harmoniously to create a captivating auditory experience. Solo your game ambience or mute your character submix to evaluate them independently.

Audio Metering Pro soloing an audio meter
Audio Metering Pro with a multiplayer game

Multiplayer Support

Enjoy synchronized audio analysis across all players, ensuring that everyone shares the same immersive sonic experience, no matter their location. Switch between the Player Tabs to meter the audio for each player

Adjust as you like!

Dock the meters everywhere in your screen, reorder them as you want, use a custom color coding for your audio meters, change the names, adjust their sizes, and much more!

Choose your Theme!

Your creativity deserves the perfect backdrop. Customize your workspace with a selection of elegant, intuitive, and modern UI themes. Tailor the plugin to match your preferences and elevate your audio analysis workflow to a whole new level.

Audio Metering Pro

For Unreal Engine